Hi, we’re Steve Kaplan and Don Glut. Long-time good friends, STEVE owns LAS VEGAS TALENT AGENCY, of which this Scream Queens section is a part;  and DON owns PECOSBORN PRODUCTIONS, which makes quality independent horror movies. We provide the largest and best selection of famous Scream Queens available for personal appearances at conventions, film festivals, meet & greets and other events.

Scream Queens are  big draws at events — by our definition, not just actresses victimized on screen by masked killers and monsters in “B”  movies, but actresses in horror, science fiction and fantasy films (both independent and major studio productions). They have myriad loyal fans who attend conventions, etc. to  meet them, take their photos and get autographs. We also book our Scream Queens for acting jobs.

To view our Scream Queens, CLICK HERE. If you don’t see the Scream Queen of your choice on our roster, we may be able to track her down.

And also see our TV HORROR HOSTS.